Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The title says it all!

This is how I feel.  Don't get me wrong I'm happy and couldn't ask for more.  I just have a lot on the brain and have been bloggling myself with trying to figure out people. 

Even when it seems as though ti seems as though you can tell someones' next move and know there response, you just wonder how can they do that.  Like for instance, how can you email someone about an important matter and they take a year and a day to reply back. Or better yet, how can they sit there and read your email and not reply back knowing the situation at hand.  The more I try to understand people like this I can't.  But I'm not meant to.  I just know I have other things going on in my live and can't let this situation from this one person get me down or for that matter bother me.

May The Most High be with them and allow them to see the right path.  Here's to hoping that people know the truth about things.

Yeah just had to get that out of my chest.  Now on to do  my homework!!!
I'm finally getting towards the end of my degree.  Two more classes after the ones I'm taking and by January I will have my degree!!!  Then on to the Bachelor's!!! Woot, woot!!!  *raising the roof* (yes I went old school, lol)


  1. :-(

    I hate when people do this, but I'm guilty pf tjos myself. Do you think the person is pondering over what to say? I'm sorry this has boggled your mind but if they're anything like me their mind is gone, they saw a weighty email, wanted to wait until they had time to properly respond and time got away from them. I don't know mama.. I might be grasping at straws.

  2. @kaydensmum
    It's nice to hear a positive spin on it Court, but I doubt if it takes a month to respond about something that deals with peoples lives. KWIM?! But don't get me wrong I'm guilty of it to, we all are sometimes. But this is an all the time thing. You know, only time will tell what is to happen. You can't make someone do anything.