Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey you guys,

Just thought that I would do a quick post before I call it a night or should I say morning.  Yeah look at the time. I know I should be in the bed, but I'll be there soon.

I haven't blogged in a minute or even looked at a blog for that matter. lol

I've been super busy with school work.  I had two group project to do this week.  It's a stressful process, as you have to depend on people in different time zones and some don't show for the group, so yeah it's a lot of fun!!! :\

Um everyone is good.  I'm good, the girls are good and Joey is good.

The cutest thing happened today.  Kali called my name and do you know what she said, she said, "mommy I'm crying, hmmm-hmmm!"  I can not explain how cute it was and she wasn't even crying.  She is such a big girl.  Did you know that she can walk down the stairs with NO HANDS!!!! WOW!!  Yes that is a big thing.  I remember when Anqi was that age and she couldn't even walk down the stairs, she always set down on her butt and slid from step to step.

Sia is standing on her own more and standing up in the middle of the floor.  She loves walking when you hold her hand, so it won't be long before I post about how my baby is walking before her first birthday. :)

Well gotta go and I promise I'll try to update more and post pictures more as well.

Take care everyone and be safe!!


  1. Now this is my kind of update! I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well and that those girls are movin and grovin!

  2. @kaydensmum

    You know it!!! Thanks for stopping by and showing the fam some love chica!!!