Monday, November 7, 2011


Ok.  So long time no post right?!
So we have like a butt load of birthdays this month.  Mine included :) and I'm excited.

I can not believe that in 14 days I will be 28yrs young!! ha  Yeah, wow I'm loving it though.  Two children at 28 isn't so bad is it.  I was telling the hubby, well not recently that by the time I turn 30, not him (hahaha) that I wanted to have all the children I was going to have.  So if you do the math, that puts me at having atleast one more, maybe a set of twins or something, lol, before or in 2014.  Because in 2013 I'll be 30, but we're not going to count that birthday, we'll count the 2014 birth at 31.  So if no third or fourth or fifth, hahaha baby by then, then that's the end, I guess!! haha  (this is just randomness that is going through my head).

Ok so back to the birthdays.  Starting out at the beginning of the month we have my brother Darius.  His birthday was on the 6th, yeah I'm a great sister!!  I didn't even realize the date.  So when he gets home from school today, I will call and wish him a Happy BELATED Birthday.  He went to the Habachi Grill to celebrate.  He's 13!!!  A TEENAGER!!!  Yeah fun times!!

Ok so next is Anqi.  Her birthday is on the 19th and she'll be 6yrs old.  Wow 6!!!  She's a great girl and hope she is doing well.  I know she's doing well in school because she's always been smart and loves to learn new things.  We got her somethings for her birthday.  Some outfits and toys.  So hopefully we can meet up with Michelle and give them to her for Anqi or actually get to see her.  So heres to hoping that, that'll happen.

Ok so next is ME!!!!! YEP!!!!!  Ok my birthday is th 21st.  Hey did you notice that my hubby and I birthday are exactly a month apart.  His being the 21st of October?!  How cute and meant to be is that!! :)  I'll be 28 and I'm blessed.  I've made some major changes in my life since Anqi and me and my sister getting in to it.  I have to focus on what is most important and that is my family.  Don't get me wrong, Anqi is my family too, but we can't see her right now so all I can do is think positive and hope that her and her sisters and soon to be little siblings are doing good and that everyone is good.  I don't wish in harm or bad things on others.  It's just not right.  I hope for the best for everyone.  People just not to do the right things and good things will come.  I'm soon that everyday. :)  But family is important and being able to provide and take care of them is important as well. 

I'm working on a new template for my website, to make it more appealing to the eye.  I'm making new hairbows, I have a new shipment of ribbon coming in.  I'm ready to do this.  I'm in my last two classes before I graduate and I couldn't be more excited.  So hope for the best for me, because I hope for the best for everyone.  Regardless of how you've treated me in the past or present.  That's over and done with.  There are more important things in life than holding grudges and being mad.

Ok enough about that.  The next birth is my sister Dren'na.  Her birth is on the 26th and she'll be 15.  OMG yes goodness.  Yeah that has to be fun for my dad!!! haha  I don't know what to say about Dren'na.  I know she needs positive influences in her life and needs someone who believes in her and someone to get her focused and off of the foolishness.  But you know when I put my two cents in I'm wrong.  I will say this, I can't help that I don't want Dren'na to think that her sister Cenethia is in a positive situation.  Having three children and each one having a different father is not ok.  I would say that I understand two dads, but then again why did you put yourself in that situation.  That's for anyone, not just her.  Those are my opinions and I'm entitled to them right?!?!  Uhhh YEAH!!! haha  Like this could go into a whole other post which I might do.  But you can get where I'm going.

Then last but not least.  Even though he isn't here with us, his birthday is known and will be recognized.  David Johnson.  His birthday is the 28th and he would've been 25 ( I think, :|)  But David is my hubbys cousin.  He was killed last year by his wife.  Crazy man, just crazy.  Our thoughts are still with him and hoping that he is in a better place and has found peace.

Well thats it for the month.  I hope everyone else who has a birthday this month or coming soon has a wonderful birthday and I wish everyone much success.

We are in a new day and time and changes are to come.  Hopefully for the better.

As always leave a comment.  Good or bad, we all have our opinions.

Take care!!! Ua

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