Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Crafty!! :)

Ok.  So if you have seen the title, you probably
know where I'm going with this.  Or maybe not!

So Kali has been potty training since about April of this year.  I completely stopped diapers and we tried two different brands.  Now by opinions on one brand over the other is not to make you buy that particular brand or not buy the other.  I do not work for or am I paid by the brand I prefer.

The first brand is Huggies Pull-Ups.  Everyone raves about these pull-ups, so hey why not try those first.  So I did and I only bought one pack, well because they were cheaper than the second brand I bought at one point while Kali was running low on pull-ups.  These pull-ups are thin.  Not thick at all.  You will definitely go through a couple of these in a day.  One thing I learned early on is that you don't have to change the pull-up every time they use it.  It's like a diaper without the tabs.  But long story short, I don't care for that brand. If you want overnight protection you will have to buy a seperate pack for overnight protection.

Now the second brand was Pampers Easy-Ups.  I love, love, love this brand.  They have Dora the Explorer on the girls and Diego for the boys.  Love it!!  So since April I can honestly say that I've spent a few hundred dollars in pull-up alone. Maybe even more!!  So last night, after I was looking for a deal on Kali's pull-ups, she's running low.  I decided that I wasn't buying any more.  I'm tired of spending all this money on something that is going to be thrown away.  So I went to my trusty search engine: Google.

I searched "homemade pull-ups."  Yes you read that right and I came across this site.

So since I'm crafty I decided to make my own.  That's right, I can sew!!!!  I made my Kali some training pants.

Here is a little tutorial:

Materials need:
Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)
Toddler underwear
Cloth diapers or absorbent material
Stick pins

Locate the crotch of the underwear.  You'll notice that the crotch is lined.  There is a top fabric and a bottom fabric.  Pull apart the fabric and cut along the top and bottom seams.

(Sorry its to the side)

Crotch cut at the seams

Cloth Diaper

Cut the cloth diaper in the shape of the crotch.

Sew around the edges so they won't fray or come a lose.

Insert into the crotch of the under.

Sewn crotch
 Be sure to sew the crotch together using a zig-zag stitch.
Finished product


 Hope you like it.

If you need help, shot me an email.

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