Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Anqi

Well today is Anqi's birthday and shes six years old. In a previous I mentioned how I emailed Michelle about us having gifts for Anqi.  So yeah, she read my email but didn't reply back.  So yeah shes still on her stupid kick. If she comes around she does, if she doesn't its Anqi loss.  Michelle seems to be an uncaring person when it comes to her children.  But my opinions of her and her methods should not hinder anything with Anqi.  Hopefully Michelle will come around and hopefully its sooner rather than later.

On a funny note everytime Kali shes a little black girl on tv she says, "Anqi?!" It's really cute. I wonder how long she is going to ask about Anqi.

But either way HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANQI!!!!!!

I hope your day is full of joy and happiness.  Know that we'll alway love you and send positive thoughts your way. We will always be here for you. If call today or ten years from now.

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