Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 4

Good morning!

Let me start with this. Sometimes I get tired of using this Galaxy tab to blog. It like to decide letters for you if you type to fast, even when you type slow sometimes. But hey I'm not really complaining I just love my Tab though :)

But if you read the post title today is the beginning of day four (*yawn*). I'm tired. Not of potty training, but I'm sleepy!

Kali has been doing really well with her homemade traing pants. On day one she had 10 accidents. Day two she had three. On day three, two accidents. So she definitely liking her underwear!! She also likes the feeling of being dry.

She tells me she has to go to the potty or that she has to pee-pee. That's my big girl!!

Hopefully by Christmas she'll have it down completely. I think she will.

What I will say is that this process with her has been easy. I guess because the bad experience with Anqi, we saw what not to do. Anqi trained for two years. Michelle started Anqi when she started walking, so it made it hard for Joey and I because she used different methods than we did. So we had to use a different method that Anqi could enjoy. She didn't like going to the potty.

We're more so let the child come into it in their own time. Forcing them is no fun and it prolongs the process. We praise Kali every single time she uses the potty, even if its the smallest bit. She's having fun and loves to say, "Mama I used it! I used the potty!" And I love to hear it. She is doing really well. I'll leave you with a picture!

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  1. Kali is such a fast learner!!! Go Kali! Get your potty on!