Monday, November 28, 2011

My Birthday!!

Ok.  So my birthday was a week ago today  . . .
and I enjoyed it.  It was my special day and everything revolved around me (or so I thought).

When it's your birthday and you have children, live is totally different.  It wasn't a bad birthday, it was a great birthday.  I got my first Happy Birthday from the love of my life a.k.a Joey, then my dad called and him and my brothers told me happy birthday.  I then got some more calls from friends and then the one call I waited for all day happened!!  Yep my big sister!!!

My big sister Tasha called me and wished me a Happy Birthday!!!  I love her, I really do!  Despite everything that happens or has happened, she always calls me on my birthday and tells me Happy Birthday.  ((HUGS)) to my big sister!!!!

Then Kali told me Happy Birthday!  It was sooo cute, she said it like fifteen times in a row.  "Happy Birthday ma'ma!!"  I love it!!

Joey surprised me with cake and balloons.  He gets me everyday time, even though it seems like its going to be predictable.  He also got me the cutest diamond earrings that I have not taken off yet (why would I?).  I didn't expect those at all.  He is so smooth (can you tell I grew up in the 90s).  He also gave me a card and when I read it I couldn't help but cry.  The words were so beautiful and original.  That made me feel even more special.

I know this is choppy, but I'm so tired and I should've written this like a week ago, but hey!

My older brothers also wished me a Happy Birthday, along with my sister-in-law TreSonya!!  I love them as well, need to keep in touch with them more.  It really is all about family and who you consider family, whether you're related by blood or not.

At the end of the day my mom wished me a Happy Birthday.  She worked all day long, so it's understandable for the late salutations.

Other than that my day was great and I'm great!!  The family is great!!


So now I'm officially 28 years young!!  Wow I feel old!! haha Nope not really :)
(yeah still tired!!! two children will do that to you)

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