Friday, December 2, 2011


Dreams, dreams and more dreams!
I've been having the craziest dreams lately.  What's up with that?

I think it's just my mind getting rid of randomness!! :)

Let's start with last night, why was I dreaming that I was at a gas station somewhere and people were coming to me for Taco Bell sauce packages?!  Yes you read that correctly!!!  What's up with that? lol  I was like whoa, really and they were getting forceful and threatening me and everything.  *smcfh* (smcfh = shaking my curly filled head).

So yeah that's about all I can remember from that dream.  I think these crazy dreams are coming from lack of sleep as well.  I can't wait for my last day of class for the year.  My last day is on the 11th and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!  I have so much school work that by time I go to sleep it's 3am, then Ms. Sia wakes up exactly at 3:30am (for some odd reason, regardless how long I try to keep her UP!) and doesn't want to go back to sleep until 5am.  THEN, Kali wakes up at 8:21am.  Nap during the day you say.  Uh no, I have stuff to do during the day as well.  Oh what a world, what a world!!!

It'll get better soon.  I'll have almost a month to get them on a normal sleep routine during the day.  You know I don't feel as though they need daycare and I'm seriously thinking about homeschooling them.  I have at least 3 + years to gather information.  In GA you can start homeschooling at the age of 6 I beleive.  So that means they have to spend the first in Kindergarten.  If I can find away around that I will.  It just all depends on how I'm feeling in about 3 years and how the school system is doing.  Richmond County does not have the best school system, I should know I've been going to school here since the 90s.

I know this is off the topic, but why is my baby down stairs saying, "Go Sia! Go Sia! Go Sia!" hahaha

But yeah Richmond County School System needs a face lift.  Columbia County is on it (of course they would be ;)  I don't think that most look into the school let alone the system that will be teaching their child for 8 hours a day.

Anyway that's it.


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