Sunday, December 18, 2011


Ok, so the title says it all.  So on November 22nd, I blogged about Kali "restarting" potty training here.

Well after that, I made her some big girl training pants.  I mean the price that we spending on pull-ups was ridiculous.  So last week, we bought our last pack of pull-ups!!! YEP!! :)

Kali is potty trained.  She is officially wearing big girl underwears (as she says it).  She tells me when she has to go to the potty and sometimes she even goes on her own.

We bought her a toilet insert. This one from Wal-mart and she loves it!!  So all together it took eight months to train her.  But you have to subtract ALOT of days because I wasn't as on her about it.  But she like a grown person and I didn't like the fact of cleaning up a grown persons boo-boo!!! lol

But she's got it.  Of course we still have to work on wiping after doing #2, but I don't want her to do that just yet.

But over all KALI IS FINALLY POTTY TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!

**doing back flips**


  1. You Go Kali!!!

    Nicolie Cole!! I've been running nonstop but I ain't forgot ya! I'll be in touch soon!!

  2. @kaydensmum

    You better!! lol
    I know that these are busy times getting so close to end. Feeling like a chicken with it's head cut off!