Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting old!!!!

Ok, so I can't believe how much time has passed!!!!!
My BIG GIRL is getting ready to turn THREE!!!!!!!  This is soooooo amazing.

To me, turning three is like a big step.  Like a big milestone for the little people.

Leading up to their birthday they become more verse, can tell you exactly what they're thinking, and just be totally amazing (well maybe just my super genius!!).

I'm in the process of planning her birthday party and boy is it work this year.  I know that this year will be the year that she actually REMEMBERS her party.  Soooooooo of course mommy has to go all out.  I'm in the process of making directions, preparing outfits and t-shirts, some of everything.  I will take pictures of the process from here on out and be sure to post frequently, but I'm sooooooo excited.

I can't wait until she walks in and sees everything that is all for her!!!!!

Oh and about the getting old part, yes I am getting old!!!! haha  I will be 29 this year!! aahhh But I'm happy about that.  I'm in a happy place, my family is happy and that makes me happy.  It's about the simple things in life and realizing that life isn't a party and something doesn't ALWAYS have to be going on.

Anyway . . . .  RANDOMNESS!!!!

I sent out invites to everyone (even Anqi!!)  I hope to see everyone there and we're definitely going to have fun this year. 


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