Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kali's work of art!!!

My big girl is so an artist!!!!
So we all know that little children scribble on anything if they have something that will make a mark.  We've tried to establish the no scribbling on mommy or daddy's things early, but there is the occasion or two that it still happens.  So I try to have blank white paper sitting around.  Whether I have to pull it out of the printer or off the bookshelf or where ever.

Ok so anyway. (random).  Here is a drawing that Kali did.  She told me that it was some clouds and a spider and some circles!!!  She was so excited when she finished, she said, "mommy I did it!!!"

Ok on to the picture.

I think it's beautiful.  I'm going to keep all of their artwork like this, that way I can show it to them when they turn 15!!!  I know they'll love it.  I've also thought about going ahead and framing some and hanging it in their room.  Either way, I'll always have it and it'll always be a special memory.

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