Sunday, August 5, 2012

Making history!!!!

Have you been watching the Olympics?!?!?
Well I've watched what I've wanted to see so far and that was the Women's Gymnastic.  To my surprise there was a young black female that made the team.  Her name: Gabby (Gabrielle) Douglas.  When I first saw her I was like what is up with her hair, but that did not make me doubt her skills.  She made the team for a reason and the proved it by taking home the gold at this years Olympics.

Gabby Douglas Olympic GOLD Medalist

What a role model!!!!!!

Kali and Sia watched the events with me and I made sure they paid close attention to her.  It is very rare that you a young black female doing gymnastics.  Gymnastics is costly, but it can be done.  Joey and I have brought up the subject of putting Kali and Sia in gymnastics.  Sia finally turned 18 months last month and I wanted to wait so that they could start together, even though they would be in a different class (so to speak) growing up.

But after Kali saw Gabby (even after seeing the other talented women on the team) she told me that she wanted to that.  She said, "I want to do that!!"  "Do what baby?"  "Flip like her (referring to Gabby)."  Ok so that made my day, my month, hell my year.  When I saw Gabby I said to myself, that could me by babies on the Olympic team bringing home the goal as their dad and I sit in the stands cheering them on.  So that was definitely a defining moment.

So maybe sometime this month, depending on how classes fall or next month we will definitely start the gymnastic classes.  It's best to start early while they are still flexible.

But go Gabby, GO!!!!

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