Friday, July 24, 2009

More on Kali

In my last blog, I posted that she was to have surgery do to the PDA duct not closing on it's own.
Well, she didn't have surgery.  But the duct is still open.
The reason for not having the surgery, is that she has an infection in her bloodstream.
It is protocol for them to run bloodwork to make sure that the babies aren't sick before a major procedure and unfortunately she had an infection present.

So currently, she is on two different antibiotics for this infection.
They do know that it is a staph infection, but not sure what form.
Her doctors are still awaiting the results.
The antibiotics that she is on, covers a broad range of infections, so she is being treated early.

My little Kali is such a fighter that she showed no signs of having an infection and hasn't shown any yet.
I'm so proud of her, you know she gets that from her mama!!! lol

But other than that she is doing fine.
We'll find out next when she has another ECHO whether or not she'll have the surgery.
The PDA duct could close on it's own.
So we're hoping and praying for that.

But that's it for now.

Here are some pics from today.
The room was under quarantine.


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