Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting nervous!!!!

The title says it all!!!

This is all new to me.  I don't know what to expect and it makes me nervous.  Regardless of how much reading I've done, I don't think that I'll be prepared.  I don't see the need for birthing classes, but boy am I nervous.

I'm not sure if the labor stage will go by fast or if it'll be a long process.  They say it's quicker the second time around, but Kali was a preemie and I still had a stitch in take, so I'm not sure how much I actually dilated.

SOOOOOO  FREAKING OUT thinking about this!!! lol

I know all will be fine and that our baby will arrive healthy.

I'm going for a natural child birth (NCB) and I'm so hoping that I can do it.  I'll be really disappointed if I couldn't do it.  So I'm trying to prepare myself now.  Only a couple of weeks to go!!! 

I'm going to start on my hospital bag and get the baby's clothes together.  I want to at least be prepared for that.  I don't want to leave Kali at home.  I want her to be there to meet her sibling, but not for the birth.  Not sure how she'll take it.  I have to figure out who will keep her as her father will be with me.  Gotta love that part too!!!

I don't know, maybe it'll all fall into place.

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