Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sinking in!!!

So things are really starting to sink in. 

We will soon go from a family of three to a family of four.  I cried at the thought, but it wasn't a cry of sadness.  I know that Kali and I will still be able to spend all of our time together still, because her sibling has to sleep some time.  I just know things are going to be different.  SO DIFFERENT!!!

But a good different.  We're still working on the middle name, but we'll have by time the baby is born.  I'm still nervous and anxious and ready to meet our baby.  I can wait to hold and kiss and snuggle and ooohhh the new baby smell! :)

Everything will be ok and it'll all work out.  Kali is going to be a great big sister and she is showing so many steps to being a big girl!!  So excited about that!!

We're thinking about taking pictures before our second little gets here, so we'll have photos of the three of us and then the plan is to get more photos when our little one gets here.  Oh so excited just thinking about it!!!

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